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Ground Rod Driver
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Ground Rod Driver

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Cable Reel

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Ground Rod Setting Tool

Tel: (800) 448-2912

Simply, the most cost-effective, efficient, reliable and safest ground rod driver available.

  • One person operation!
  • Operator works from ground level
  • Any length grounding rod
  • Very quick set-up time
Click here for Instructional Video for both manual
and power type Driveze Ground Rod Drivers. (19min)

Screen Version
  • Over 25 years of continuous and successful use by utilities, railroads,
    telephone companies, cable companies, oil & gas companies, pipeline construction companies, their contractors, and more in North and South America.
  • Immediate shipment.

For orders and inquiries, please call 1-800-448-2912 or email

Driveze Corp.
239 Flax Hill Road
Norwalk, CT 06854
Tel: (800) 448-2912
Tel: (203) 853-7698
Fax: (203) 853-6317


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