Driveze Manual Ground Rod Driver

Manual Ground Rod Driver

Models: MGD87-1011-625 Driver
(for 1/2" & 5/8" ground rod)
MGD87-1011-750 Driver
(for 3/4" & 5/8" ground rod)
Weight: Chuck Assembly: 19 lbs.,
Hammer Section: 19 lbs.
Length: Chuck Assembly and Guide
Tube 51 1/2",
Hammer Section 39"

Safe: Operator stands on the ground - no ladders, platforms or bucket trucks. Only one pinch-point and it is located below operators knee.
Portable: The hammer weighs only 19 pounds. The chuck and guide tube assembly weigh only 19 pounds and can be easily carried, one in each hand.
Efficient: Ground rods of 8, 10 or 12 feet lengths and up are driven with considerably less effort than other ground rod drivers. The guide tube assures a powerful and direct blow with each strike of the hammer. Couplings can be installed between the bottom of the chuck and ground level.
Reliable: No moving parts to wear out. Made from high-impact tool steel hardened to withstand the most difficult conditions.

  • One person operation
  • Operator works from ground level
  • Safe, quick and efficient

Give your guys the tool they need!

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Click here for Instructional Video
for both manual and power type
Driveze Ground Rod Drivers. (19min)

Driveze Ground Rod Instructional Video
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