Driveze Ground Cable Reel

Manually-Operated Ground Cable Reel

Model: GCR95-0727-500
Weight: 23 lbs.
Material: 16 gage CR steel (3/16" frame)
Capacity: 50' .582 diameter ground cable
Finish Powder paint over iron phosphate
Right or left-handed rotation on
horizontal or vertical base
Packaging: Heavy cardboard box, 14"x15"x16"
Shipping Weight: 27 lbs.
Safety: The cable is permanently attached to the truck frame, eliminating any possibility of unknown open circuits while the ground cable is in use.
  The cable is wound on the reel from the midpoint of the cable assuring that all of the cable will be off the reel when the cable is in use. There can be no reduction in the cable capacity due to being coiled on the reel.
  The cable is wound on the reel with only 14 turns of the handle.
  The reel protects the cable from cuts, abrasion, and unnecessary wear when stored.
  A simple locking device holds the reel in a fixed position after the cable is wound on the reel.
Economy: The reel capacity is 50' of .582" diameter cable wound double - a compact storage device for truck mounting.
  A heavy 3/16" steel frame and 16 gage CR steel drum assures long life even during rugged use.
  Iron phosphate finish plus powder paint coating prevents rust - even in areas exposed to corrosive atmospheres.
  Minimum effort required to store and uncoil cable.
The design of the reel allows for left or right hand use and can be conveniently mounted in any direction, above or below horizontal surfaces, or on vertical surfaces.

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